Dr. Abdulrahman Mohammed Al-Baloul

Founder and partner of training and professional
development services

– PhD in Comparative Fiqh and Usul Al-Fiqh form Kuwait University.

– Master’s degree in the principals of Fiqh from the College of Shariah and Islamic Studies
at the Hashemite University of Jodran.

– Certified Shariah Auditor, with a Certificate issued by the Central Bank of Kuwait.
12 years of experience in the private sector

– A Certified Zakat Accountant, a certificate issued by the KuwaiSt ociety of Accountants
and Auditors.

– A certified Islamic Banker, a certificate issued by the General Council of Islamic Banks
and Financial Institutions CIBAFI

– A certified trainer in Islamic finance a license issued by the lIasmic Economics Club
at Kuwait University.

– Faculty member at the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training in the
State of Kuwait.

– A researcher in the field of Islamic Shariah and law. He has research and publications in
the Fiqh of financial transactions, and comparison with Arab ivcil laws.