Osol for Shariah Advisory

Osol for Shariah Advisory and Audit is a regional firm for professional services related to the shariah compliance of Islamic financial institutions. Established by an alliance of a number of Shariah and professional in the islamic finance field, and enjoys a distinguished presence at the level of Islamic financial and investment institutions in the GCC countries.


Leading shariah compliance services in the GCC in particular and and Islamic societies in general


Provide the best professional services related to the shariah compliance in the Islamic financial sector in order to achieve the objectives of Shariah Goals (Makased Al Shariah).


Osol’s strategy is based on “Win-Win role” with our partners which makes our goal to be the trusted shariah partner for everyone of our clients

How we work

Our professional services are not limited to the scope of contracts only, we contribute as much as possible in strengthening the presence of shariah implementation in light of the best professional practice and following the rules and regulations.

Shariah advisory services

Osol mainly adopts AAOIFI shariah standards as a main
shariah reference for shariah advisory services according
to the following classification:

Shariah standards for banking services

Shariah standards for financing

Shariah standards for investment

Shariah standards for takaful insurance

Shariah standards for zakat and Awqaf

Shariah standards for new developed & products services